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Henty Cellar Museum

Les & Mary Dale have what is recognised as Henty's Hidden treasure, a cellar museum of trash and treasure.

In the early years of retailing it was common for a cellar to be under food stores, as there were no refrigeration, so heat effected products were stored in cellars, such products as butter, cheese, dried fruits, flour etc.

When the Dale's took over the Haycrofts store in 1962 refrigeration was available so all the products usually stored in the cellar was brought to the surface and old unsaleable goods were stored in the cellar, later a quantity of goods from the Town Historical Society was housed there and the Dale's have added to the collection over many years, so was born Dale's Cellar Mini Museum. It currently houses the towns manual telephone exchange, Henty's first ambulance (a 2 wheel stretcher jinker) an early model organ plus a variety of other musical instruments, radios, cash registers, tea tins, irons, toasters and a variety of other trash and treasure and is situated under a working IGA Supermarket. 

Old Telephone Exchange 


 Inspection by appointment, Call Les & Mary Dale, Dales IGA Supermarket, 9 Sladen Street, Henty 2658

Ph: 02 6929 3302 Mob: 0458 293 302

(Our museums are free to see but donations are welcome to help us preserve the past)