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Henty Netball Club

Henty Netball Club

The Henty Netball Club was extablished in 1953 and has been affiliated with the Hume Netball Association since 1980. Fun Net and Netta were introduced in 2001 which allowed players aged between 5 and 9 the chance to learn the basic skills of netball. The Net-Set-Go program was implemented in 2008 under the guidelines of Netball NSW.

Henty Netball Club has more than 100 registered members aged from 5 years to life members, from at least 70 local families. This number has been consistent for the past 10 years or so. The club is fielding eight teams, playing in six competitive and two non-competitive grades. On any given Saturday during the season, whcih runs from the beginning of April to the end of September, more than 160 netballers will line up at the Henty courts for a game of netball. Added to those numbers are the coaches, umpires, scorers, time-keepers, first-aid personnel and supporters who make up a typical day at the netball.

Since its humble beginnings which saw dirt courts marked with lime, tennis dresses worn as uniforms, no change room facilities and minimal membership fees, the Henty Netball Club has come a long way. Presently we have cushioned acrylic courts which has greatly reduced the number of serious injuries to players, particularly knee injuries. Uniforms which have changed a number of times of the years if now a two-piece sublimated lycra uniform, predominately red with white splashes and trim. New time-keepeer / scorers boxes were built along with a storage shed and playground equipment was also erected.

The courts were officially named the Nancy May Memorial courts after founding member Nancy May and a gateway was erected in her honour. New fencing was completed around the courts southern and western perimeters. The Netball Club purchased its own clubhouse, a second-hand transportable building, after the necessary alterations the new clubhouse is used every training night and on game day as well as to hold committee meeting. It is a wonderful addition to the already excellent facilities that members have worked for. Paving has now been laid at the front of the clubhouse and there have been new seats placed around the courts.

The Henty Netball Club has a long and proud history and will continue to be a dominant Club in the Hume Netball Association for many years to come with the dedicated support of players, committee and community members as well as local businesses and sponsors.

For information regarding the 2016 season please follow the links below or contact current President Tania Wettern for further information ( 0428 634 727). Monthly information newsletters are also available from The Henty Netball Clubhouse.

Training for all grades is held Thursday nights from 4pm.

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